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At approximately 0600hrs, a complex attack took place at an under-construction medical centre in Jan Qadam near Bagram Airbase, Bagram district, Parwan province. At least one civilian was killed, and 62 others injured. Sources indicate two of the four VBIEDs used in the attack functioned while seven attackers also took part. The Taliban have claimed the attack and conflicting sources suggest the Air Base itself was targeted. (Al Jazeera, 11 Dec)

TRITON COMMENT: The air base was visited by President Trump for Thanksgiving on 28 Nov which may have attributed to the perpetrators planning the attack. Warning sirens and automated messages can be heard in videos of the area on social media. The messages are being spoken in English in an American accent suggesting they were originating from the air base. Some sources indicate the attack breached the air base with others stating the devices functioned at the gate but the base itself remains secured. An Instagram account of an American soldier stationed at the base stated he was woken up by an explosion and that the VBIED was used to compromise the wall of the base to gain access

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