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On 08 January 2020, at around 1000hrs, near the Sayidka junction in Mogadishu, an SVBIED functioned when attempting to pass a security checkpoint in the vicinity of the Somalian Parliament building.

Three people were killed and eleven others injured in the attack. SF casualties likely but not specified. The explosion was powerful enough to damage nearby building and set a number of nearby vehicles on fire. Some of the damaged vehicles were only around 500m away from the Parliament.

The incident follows another attack on 28 December when an SVBIED functioned in the vicinity of a tax collection office, also in central Mogadishu. At least 90 people were killed, including 17 police officers and 73 civilians, while 145 others were injured in the deadliest incident in the country since 2017. Both incidents were claimed by al-Shabaab.

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