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What makes up a team capable of collecting, validating, analysing and reporting on the ever-increasing global explosive threats? On Optima’s acquisition of Triton, a team of world class analysts and practitioners were put together. The Triton team, supported by the latest Open Source Intelligence Collation software, supports Optima’s aim of projecting Triton as the global leader in open source explosive intelligence.

The ever-growing Triton team is headed up by a vastly experienced management group, predominately ex-military and intelligence services personnel, who have first-hand technical expertise. 

Duncan Young - Triton Lead

Duncan was already employed by Optima as a Principal IED Consultant when Triton was procured. Duncan with his experience in Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) and Intelligence was the natural choice to lead in the development and re-launch of Triton. Duncan comes from a 20 year career with the British Army as an IEDD Operator at all levels. As the lead of Triton, Duncan is responsible for the overall management of Triton which also includes business and client development.  

Sue Beckett - Triton Delivery Manager

Sue is the Delivery Manager for Triton; a key member of the Triton team her extensive experience has brought significant value to all aspects of the Triton process. Sue is responsible for the delivery of Triton as a capability; managing the products and Triton team. Sue spent 24 years as an Intelligence Analyst within the British Army serving worldwide and 4 years working as an Analyst and Investigator within Wiltshire Police before joining Optima and the Triton team in July 2017.    

Toby Chesson - Lead Analyst

Toby joined Optima in January 2017 following 4 years as an Open Source Intelligence Researcher. Toby has an extensive academic background in International Conflict and Security and War Studies at King’s College London and the Brussels School of International Studies. Toby has co-authored and presented a paper on the use of landmines in the Sri Lankan conflict for the University of Leiden. He is currently the Research Analyst for the Middle East Region, focusing on the explosive threat in areas such as Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria. 

Triton is part of Optima Group, a global leader in Explosive Threat Mitigation, and the team work from Optima’s Head Office in Swindon. Optima Group is always looking for individuals to enhance the Triton Team, please contact the HR team on HR@optimagroup.co.

For more information about Triton's specialist work visit www.tritonintel.com/our-process