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The latest of Triton’s regularly published articles within CBNW Xplosive magazine gives a fascinating insight into the complexity and value of its data resources and leading analysis capabilities.

The article is an in-depth study into a VBIED attack last spring that killed 150 people and injured 400 more at a security checkpoint near the German Embassy in Kabul’s Green Zone. It demonstrates how Triton is able to combine data such as historical attacks, established behaviour patterns and the latest threat intelligence to attribute actions to known terror factions.

In addition to identifying perpetrators of specific events, such analysis identifies and confirms connections and modus operandi, feeding back into the data resource and increasing effectiveness for counter-terrorism operations.

To discover the depth of Triton’s knowledge, you can read the full article at: https://issuu.com/immags/docs/cbnw_xplosive_2018?e=9365673/64548630