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On the evening of 18 January, a coordinated ballistic missile and UAV strike targeted a mosque located in al-Estiqbal military camp in Ma’rib province housing anti-Houthi forces. At least 111 soldiers were killed and ‘scores’ were injured.

TRITON COMMENT: Although no group claimed responsibility for the attack, pro-Houthi forces have previously targeted coalition ground forces in ballistic missile strikes, with the most recent taking place on 29 December 2019. The timing of the attack, which took place during evening prayers, may indicate that the mosque was specifically targeted in anticipation of causing maximum casualties. It is possible that no claim of responsibility was made by the Houthis due to the fact that a religious site appears to have been targeted.

The attack took place following a statement by UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, in which he praised efforts on all sides to adhere to the ceasefire agreement and refrain from carrying out ‘acts of provocation’. Given the large number of casualties, it is possible that coalition forces will retaliate which, in turn, could imperil the current ceasefire agreement and attempts to restart the peace process.

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