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Explosive threat intelligence experts Triton have been confirmed as a regular contributor to CBNW and CBNW Xplosive. Triton will provide regular global threat intelligence and technical analysis. 

Both publications cover the full range of measures against CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Weapons and Explosives) with CBNW Xplosive having more of a focus on threats caused by the deployment of IEDs and explosives, whilst presenting the evolving countermeasures to deal with them.

Talking about the contributing role Duncan Young, Triton and IED Lead, said: “We’re extremely pleased to be providing our unique capability to CBNW and can’t wait to demonstrate the value of our reporting. This partnership is another milestone in what’s been an extremely exciting and busy time for Triton.”

Triton analysts gather open-source intelligence to create a narrative of threats related to explosive hazards as they emerge around the world. Triton offers relevant, timely reporting of incidents as they occur and provides expert analysis through a range of reports and briefs. 

Supported by a comprehensive explosive threats database spanning 15 years, Triton ensure their research is conducted to the highest of standards through collaboration with leading defence and security universities.

Earlier in 2018 Triton launched a brand new website which uses the very latest in-web technology to collate global terrorist-related incidents across the globe as they happen. The website provides visitors with a complete overview of the level of information that Triton generates and a breakdown of the reporting process.

To read Triton’s first CBNW contribution go to: goo.gl/7ekkSH