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An exciting period of development and growth is in store for Triton following the recent acquisition by Optima, the global leader in Explosive Threat Mitigation.

Triton is the principal explosive threat intelligence source for leaders in the commercial, human security and government sectors and further strengthens Optima’s offering. CEO of Optima, Keith Hammond, says: “With the acquisition of Triton we have critically added an intelligence element to Optima’s capabilities. This step change ensures that Optima stays informed of existing and emerging global explosive threats and further strengthens our reputation as a global leader in Explosive Threat Mitigation.” 

Significant investment since the acquisition is already positioning Triton as the emerging leader in explosive threat intelligence and access to Optima’s resources only enhance its capabilities further. Triton is able to provide explosive threat intelligence and capability development across many sectors. 

Duncan Young, Triton Lead, added: “Timely and accurate intelligence is critical to countering the global explosive threat. Triton uniquely combines subject matter experts, global intelligence and a database of explosive incidents spanning 15 years. This considerable combination offers the ability to provide technical exploitation and analysis to the highest standard in a timely manner whilst identifying emerging threats.” 

For more information about Optima visit www.optimagroup.co.