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During the weekend of 09-10 Mar, a series of IEDs functioned in Southern Thailand starting with two attacks late on 09 Mar and into early 10 Mar in Satun province. On 09 Mar, an IED functioned near a police station in Yarttrawasaddee Alley, the same evening a second device functioned at the police station’s vehicle impound. The following morning, two more IEDs functioned in front of a grocery store. All devices functioned in Mueang Satun district.

On 10 Mar, incidents continued in Phatthalung province. An IED functioned in front of a grocery shop in Don Pradu sub-district. In a separate village of the same sub-district, two more devices functioned. One functioned in front of a grocery shop, while the second initiated in an unknown location.

Further in Pak Phayun district, devices functioned in separate locations including; at a bicycle shop, behind a kindergarten and in front of a petrol station.  Additional IEDs functioned at the Pak Phayun district Municipality office and another in a flower bed along the Han Thao-Pak Phayun road. The latter of which, damaged a pick-up truck. Later that day, SF recovered an IED along the railroad between Jan Taho and Khok Sai stations. The device was hidden inside a briefcase.

These are the latest in a spate of attacks in southern Thailand, the reasoning behind these attacks cannot be confirmed at present but the general elections due at the end of the month which could be a contributing factor.

Photo from Romsai Rescue Foundation Facebook account